Creative Policy

At art of click we are constantly devoting more time and effort to satisfy our clients and provide a good customers experience. That’s why we created a high and strict creative policy in order to drive the best result for each of you.

The following creative policy gives you a clear idea of what kind of advertising content is allowed on our platform.

We reserve the right to reconsider your application if we judge that your content is not in line with our values.

AOC Guideline:

  • Only family-friendly creatives are allowed.
  • Only click-tracking Javascript creatives are allowed.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-redirect to any web page or app stores without prior users’ interaction.
  • Creatives are not allowed to auto-load any video content without prior users’ interaction.
  • No user prompts should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • No auto-downloading of files should be observed with creatives or landing pages.
  • No iFrames are allowed.
  • No gambling ads allowed.
  • Creatives must be related to the content of landing page.
  • No anti-virus ads allowed.

Contact Art of Click

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this Creative Policy, please contact us at