6 tips to correctly choose your affiliate network and DSP / Why you should choose to work with AOC

As a publisher who has spent time and resources developing apps, games, mobile sites, monetization is a good way to reward your efforts and get great monthly revenues.

To run the most profitable ads and get access to constant stream of advertising dollars, there is no better way than working with Ad networks and DSPs that connect you to multiple advertisers. Here are some important points you should consider before choosing your partner:


There are thousands of Ad networks promising to bring you great revenues. However, an Ad network with 10,000 partners will obviously give you greater results than a 100 advertisers network. A bigger amount of campaigns means you have access to more campaigns and can more likely match your users’ interests with different verticals. Also, the more campaigns and advertisers, the more areas are covered. In this case, bigger is definitely better!


Managing the campaigns you are running can be a difficult task, all the more as you can quickly come to run many of them. When you already have to dedicate time to your app’s development and support, there is no reason you should have to manage your campaigns as well! This is why it’s important to choose a network that provides you with a dedicated Affiliate Manager.


An important point is choosing a network that provides great software technology to track your ad performance. That includes an efficient Dashboard, accurate reporting tools and real-time updates, as well as easy and documented ways to integrate them (API, SDK, etc.)


Ad networks use different ways to pay publishers. The most usual ones are:

  • CPM (Cost per Mille; getting paid a fixed amount for 1,000 impressions)
  • CPR (Cost per Registration; getting paid a fixed amount each registration)
  • CPI (Cost per Install; getting paid a fixed amount each installation)
  • CPS (Cost per Sale)
  • CPV (Cost per View)

Regardless of how the campaigns perform (which can be maximized thanks to Affiliate Managers), you know what you’re earning with these fixed payment terms. Choosing a network that offers all models is a great way to find out what works better for you.


Most publishers don’t pay enough attention to what ads they’re displaying on their app as long as they can make some money, which is a mistake. Running ads from internationally and locally famous and trusted companies (Grab, Lazada, etc.) is more likely to bring good results. Shady campaigns, on the contrary, might even affect the user experience and make them question your app’s quality.


Ad performance can vary depending on ad formats. Ad networks generally offer different formats such as interstitials, banners, video ads, native ads, etc. Banners are the most popular due to their convenience but that does not mean they’re always the most efficient. For instance, Rewarded video ads, used in games, give players in-game rewards and are very efficient.

Make sure to choose an ad network that provides you with different formats to maximize your revenue while maintaining a good user experience.



Taking these six points into account, you should be well on your way to some great monthly revenue. At Art of Click, we have been helping publishers of all kinds for 5 years, always focusing on performance and data-driven strategies to ensure you maximize your benefits.

Our team of well-seasoned Affiliate Managers provides you with daily analysis of your campaigns, new offers depending on your previous performances and technical support. Simply speaking, they’re your listening ear at Art of Click! At Art of Click, we have developed our own easy-to-use and very efficient Dashboard that provides you with all the tools you need.