Art of Click is pleased to announce its acquisition!

Art Of Click was born five years ago and our trustful collaboration has been going on ever since. Because you have been part of the adventure, you deserve to know first:
we have been acquired by Xurpas!

Acquiring us is an opportunity for the biggest consumer technology company in the Philippines to become a major player in the Asian mobile advertising market. It should help them expand in this competitive market by acquiring an important portfolio of publishers and advertisers the company has been working with since 2011.

“In 2016, we established Art Of Click as a clear Mobile Performance DSP in South East Asia, delivering performance campaigns to most of large mobile advertisers in the region. With this alliance with Xurpas, the largest mobile consumer marketing and technology company in SEA, our ambition keeps growing: we are here to build the mobile future in APAC and I am very confident Xurpas will help us achieve this new objective.”

— Emmanuel Allix, Art of Click CEO

“We are excited about the immense opportunities this acquisition opens. Integrating the technology stacks of Art of Click’s advanced mobile advertising platform and Xurpas’ tremendous mobile consumer services and apps will create far reaching synergies.” 

— Jens Bohnwagner, Art of Click CTO

Throughout the years, we have expanded all over South East Asia with offices in Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Vietnam and are planning for new offices in 2016. We have known one of the most important growth rates in the field, eventually making us the top and fastest growing player in South East Asia.

Therefore, it is no wonder Xurpas wants to strengthen its presence in this booming market by acquiring a major local player. It will help increase their mobile content and services in areas that are closely related to our business such as mobile games.

“We are thrilled to find innovative companies exceedingly complementary with our business. We believe that Art of Click is a perfect match for our mobile consumer services, and that growth prospect excites us.” 

— Nix Nolledo, Xurpas CEO