Become one of our Affiliate Managers!

Every startup needs interns so do not miss this opportunity to jump into the world of entrepreneurship. Bring your youthful and innovative energy to start building your network and experience a real business life!

You want to know more about the responsibilities you will be given? Let’s ask Alae how his internship as an Affiliate Manager is going!


Hi Alae! Could you help our future interns understanding what your main responsibilities as an Affiliate manager are?

Hey, sure!

As an Affiliate Manager & Business Developer, I have to look for new publishers who’d work with us by running our ads. Prospecting on Linkedin, Googleplay is how I try to reach those new potential partners, on a worldwide scale. That is for the Business Developer side.

As for my position as an Affiliate Manager, I have to manage some publishers that I’m in relation with, check the money they generate on a daily basis, do some statistical analysis to see how to improve on those numbers and fix potential issues.

I think it’s very rare to find such a challenging and interesting job in a startup, let alone as a junior!


Can you describe a typical day at Art Of Click? 

A typical day starts by the checking of my emails and getting my team feedbacks on some clients’ answers. Then I start on looking for new publishers to reach.

After the lunch break, I start looking into the daily statistics of my publishers. I try to analyze as much as possible to spot some good trends and send them other similar top ads. I enjoy interacting with them and answering their needs!


Why would you recommend this job? 

I definitely would! The reason is the rare balance between marketing and statistical duties that is much valued on a CV. This job is very challenging every day!


How is the atmosphere like in this start-up? 

The startup atmosphere at Art of Click doesn’t disappoint! Everyone is very friendly and people are always willing to help. Once a month, our CEO organizes a “drinks event” that serves as a team building event. More remarkably, the load of responsibilities one is granted doesn’t come with a load of pressure!


Do you enjoy living abroad?

Living abroad in Singapore is a fantastic experience, so different from life in France. Living in such a booming and cosmopolitan city never gets boring and definitely contributes to your personal growth.