Meet the man who wants to change mobile advertising in Singapore

It’s all about ‘the art of click’.

With over 20 years of experience in digital media, mobile advertising expert Emmanuel Allix wants to change mobile networking as you know it. Based in Asia, Allix jumpstarted with a Master’s degree in Telecom in France. Now, with his startup firm Art of Click, Allix plans to fill the gap between a mobile marketing agency and an ad network.

“The idea of creating Art of Click came from an observation as I had experience in a media agency for years and as well later in an ad network. I was always stunned by the gap between a brand or advertiser pitch talking about real marketing KPIs like “we want registrations” or “we want people to download our apps” or “we need people to buy products online”, and the answer from the ecosystem which was “let me sell you some clicks then,” he shared.

No one wants clicks, clicks are only the beginning of the campaign journey, advertisers want results. I was also amazed to hear: “we had a great campaign. We achieve 3% click through rate”. A person clicking on a banner doesn’t equal to brand uplift or recall, or purchase intend, which are traditional KPIs for marketers,” he added.
Art of Click focuses on Cost per Action (CPA) as it aims to move advertisers from the Cost per Click business model and encourage them to optimize their ad campaigns on post-click performance.
Aside from Singapore, Art of Click is also operating in key Asian markets like Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South East Asia.

Allix concluded, “we became the fastest growing mobile marketing platform based in Asia Pacific and have now one of the most extended network of publishers in Asia-Pacific.”

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