The Philippines is the Fastest-Growing Smartphone Market: It’s Time to Invest Now!

Business growth means new office and Art of Click keeps growing. We are pleased to announce that we have opened our new office in the Southeast’s fastest-growing smartphone market – Philippines in December 2015.  The new office at the Trade and Financial Tower in Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines has been opened to strengthen our capability, capture the benefits of the country’s surging mobile market, and support our growing business in the delivery of our strategic mobile advertisement & marketing services to our clients in the region.

The Philippines now has become one of the fastest-growing smartphone markets in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). With a total of 3.5 million smartphones shipped to the country in the first quarter of 2016, the Philippines’ mobile sector is now witnessing a phenomenal growth. The boom in the mobile industry can be attributed to the ‘hyper engagement’ of young Filipinos with mobile, a large proportion of English speakers, presence of strong telco operators and the availability of higher subsidies from telecom companies.

The Changing Mobile Landscape

Known as the “social media capital of the world,” the Philippines’ mobile market is advanced in comparison to other similar developing countries. The country’s smartphone sector is enjoying robust growth in the period when the world’s mature markets have started displaying signs of saturation – revealed by a report from the market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC). The greater supply & demand of budget-friendly mobile phones and active local brand presence have led to a 20% year-on-year growth in the mobile market in 2016.

The Changing Consumer Demand

The Philippines’s mobile sector is shifting from being an acquisition game market to a replacement one. Today 71% of internet consumption in the nation is via mobile, which will increase by 27.7% at the end of this year. Since consumers are spending more time on Internet, media and apps, they are now demanding smartphones with greater performance and more specifications. According to the IDC Philippines report on the Philippines mobile sector:

  • Budget smartphones that are priced under P3,500 ($75) are leading the way in the country. For instance, low priced/budget mobile devices such as MyPhone’s “my28S” model have topped the mobile sales list in 1Q 2016.
  • People are now shifting their focus on phone’s random access memory (RAM). Consumers are demanding phones with more than 1-GB-RAM to smoothly run their newer mobile applications. Previously less-than-1GB-RAM mobile phones have 44% share in the market, which has now dropped to 38%.
  • Global vendors and Chinese makers are also catching up on the budget mobile segment. Two multinational conglomerates Samsung and ASUS have introduced their mobile varieties under the P6,000 bracket. Vendors OPPO and Huawei are also on their way to expand coverage of their channels.

Broadly speaking, the Philippines has now been transformed into a leader in the mobile sector and will soon become an innovation hotbed in the Asian continent. The nation’s booming mobile sector has rightly set an example for other countries on how to take advantage of their own ecosystem, consumer preferences and innovative services to grow into a leader in the mobile market.

The booming of mobile advertising in the Philippines is a huge opportunity for Art Of Click to attract new publishers and advertisers in order to broaden our large affiliate network and the premium traffic we provide. For sure, we will easily meet the Filipino’s market needs as we focus on performance and quality for our customers to get real outcomes. Having dedicated account managers optimizing our campaigns and a team doing its best to boost apps ranking, get high-quality users and increase brands’ visibility are our main strengths. 

Thus, we will offer our future Filipino clients an advanced targeting along with an ad optimization by providing them with full reports and daily data analysis. Opening an office in Manila is part of our strategy to drive our clients’ ROI out of this growing market. Our expert team in Manila is ready!